We Travel Together #4 and How to set up price for sale

We travel together, phase #4 and preparation of the selling price.

Project We Travel Together Phase 4 and how to prepare to create a selling price To prepare to welcome customers who are ready to use the right to stay on February 8, 2022
As you all have seen the news about the project. “We travel together, phase 4” Registration opens on February 1, last travel date 31 May 65. The Travelanium system can create a price that is ready to be sold with the project. to support immediately (For hotels that have been registered or previously sold to the project “We travel together” in Phase 3 or the previous phase)

The conditions will focus on tourists. domestic travel by giving not more than 10 rights per person, which the state will be the sponsor under the original conditions, namely

– Hotel accommodation 40% of the room rate up to 3,000 baht/room/night

– Get a coupon for 600 baht per day.

– Airfare refund 40% of the ticket price, but not more than 3,000 baht per passenger. (only for designated tourist provinces)

Example display when generating sales prices with Travelanium

** Click on the picture. to see the display “We travel together” the real thing in the system (Prices will be displayed from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Thailand time)

The display can be seen that with project symbol “We travel together” separated from the main price. or the general price that the hotel sells which if it is a sale through the project No payment will be made through the Travelanium system, but all booking information will be sent to the hotel. The hotel staff then enters the customer information in the money bag APP system to send payment reminders to the customers. in the next step


The main information that customers need to add are:

1. First name – real surname

2. Email

3. Phone number (registered with the project)

4. Last 4 digits of your ID card

Start the process of creating a selling price (Duplicate the current price).

for the hotel Want to sell the package price, promotion or the original price structure that is already in the system to want to sell to join the project "We Travel Together" recommends separating the sale from the existing price by using the Duplicate method. and then use the new one to sell to the project In order to reduce the time for all rebuilding, and when Bookings come in, they will clearly separate which Bookings enter the project.

Other settings You can continue using the methods below.

Start the process of creating a sales price (create a new one).

1. Inform Travelanium staff that you want to open a sales system. “We travel together”

2. Create reservation conditions in advance at least 7 days before check-in. The stay can start from 8 February – 31 May 2022.

3. Create a selling price through Package & Promotion with various benefits that customers will receive.

4. All payment terms have been adjusted to 100%.

5. Choose the time period for displaying the price, i.e. opening time for booking from 6 am – 3 pm or the time on that day with staff that can send data into the money bag APP

6. Select display only Thailand (will show results only for searches within Thailand)

7. Enter the total price of 100% (the price before deducting 40% discount from the project)

8. Select the aforementioned Package & Promotion to join the project. When you press join Impressions will be made -40% immediately (this is the price that the customer actually pays).

9. Create a URL Link to put the price of the “We Travel Together Phase #4” project on other platforms (See how to Gen URL Link). 

If there is a problem with creating a selling price or would like other approaches You can contact OFF.